About Us

Developing and implementing a consistent, powerful new business strategy is a difficult task for any agency. While lead generation and client acquisition can seem like a necessary chore to you – we love it, and giving you the solutions to grow is what we do best.


New Business is all We do

We’re in the business of new business, dedicated to helping our clients grow. With over 17 years’ experience in our team and an exceptional track record, our passion and expertise sustains our income, which is why we’ve continued to grow so effectively over the past seven years.


Relief & Comfort

Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind so you can focus on what you excel at. With a pipeline of work in place, you’ll move your business forwards without worry, and achieve the goals you’ve set for growth.


Plan, Deliver & Measure

Before you go to market, we’ll partner with you to refine your objectives, and provide the strategy to deliver the opportunities you’re looking for. We’ll help you build the right, effective materials and then measure every step of the way. The result is a smooth and effective new business process that’s active for you every day – not just the days that you can get around to it.


The Art of Momentum

We help you balance the art of winning new and maintaining existing business to avoid the costly stop/start motion. By bringing you a solid plan of action and a consistent stream of qualified leads, we keep your momentum going.


A Full-time Gig

Building and nurturing relationships with potential clients is a full-time job, and in-house talented new business development individuals don’t come cheaply, without risk. We provide the expert team, the proven process and the stable infrastructure – all at less than 50 percent of a comparative salary value.


We Become You

Think of us as your very own internal business development team, not a ‘cold call’ agency. We blend seamlessly and represent your agency in its entirety, from culture and accomplishments, to capabilities and solutions, and then partner with you to drive your new business from start to finish.

At Sotogro we solve all these problems for you