What our Clients Say

Artel engaged Sotogro as an extension of the company purely focusing on new business development. The idea of outsourcing a BDM at first to me was a little crazy, but after running through the fundamentals, I realised that this would fit seamlessly into our systems and to the outside world, be seen as an integral part of Artel’s internal structure. Sotogro makes the initial contact and organises a meeting which enabled Artel to present. This gave us a far greater audience of brands and marketing teams to connect with. The results were very encouraging with the focus bearing fruit with a number of new business opportunities. To me, the overall experience of working with Sotogro has been not only beneficial to the growth of the company, but also has given us insights for which to mold the business for the future. 

- Martin Kay, Founder and CEO, The Artel Group

It’s been a great experience working with Sotogro. They took the time to really understand our business and soon became an extension to our new business team. Once the team was up to speed, they were able to very quickly navigate often complicated corporate structures to ensure they had the right conversations with the right people – something which is 90% of any new business challenge. The meetings we have are always of quality, making it a positive experience for us and the prospects we are wishing to make an immediate impression with.

- Antony Gowthorp, CEO, ABT Precinct

We have used Sotogro to penetrate the marketplace where we lacked contacts, and found their service informed, professional and effective. The quality of the meetings and contacts obtained has been strong and I would recommend them to similar agencies such as ourselves who do not have dedicated new business departments. 

- Jonathan Clow, Managing Director, BDNetwork

It can sometimes be a bit of a cliché, but the biggest compliment I can pay the Sotogro team is that they genuinely became part of our business. They understood what we were trying to achieve brilliantly, and we always felt completely comfortable in how they represented our work. Of course, it’s all about results in the end and Sotogro was able to unlock doors for us that we just couldn’t have done on our own. On top of that, they are a great bunch of people, full of energy and ideas and great at chasing to keep the momentum going and our eyes firmly on the ball.

- Simon McEvoy, Australian Business Director, Tangent One

The team at Sotogro is highly professional, well organised and tenacious. They have done an excellent job of helping us build our profile and connect with the key people in our category and importantly provide proactive advice on how to get the best out of the work we do.

- Matt Perry, Founder and Director, Republic of Everyone