Business Development Company

Business development should seen to be an integral part of every business in the marketing communications industry. In fact, engendering a sense of business development in every member of an agency team is of paramount importance for the agency and their clients’ growth.

A great business development company will drive this ethos as part of the mix. A great business development company embraces their clients’ vision and takes the best of their client to market with this vision in mind. It will then work tirelessly, consistently and tenaciously to ensure that this vision is realised.

Beyond this, a great business development company is there to listen and advise, to be seen as an integral part of the team and to apply its collective skills and experience to ensure effective growth towards financial, professional and creative prosperity. Growth towards a next level independent business or towards becoming part of one of the bigger agency families out there. However, behind the scenes, only a really great business development company will remain grounded on its foundations.

Not simply resting on the advice it provides, it must be able to take an active role in the process, to roll up its sleeves and do the hard work, the bread and butter work; picking up the phone, making the calls, getting the introductions out, managing and organising the meetings and relationships, handling the intelligence and acting on it!

There are many business development companies out there who do one or the other of these, however Sotogro is the only one that combines it all, business development 360°. The real solution to grow.