Lead Generation Company

What makes a good Lead Generation Company? It’s a combination of everything we do, but at the centre, it’s our people.

New Business development is such a double-edged sword – a bittersweet function that often rests, almost entirely, on the person driving the process. The main issue that arises from this – that we see throughout the industry – is that success and failure often lead to the same end: an erosion of the talent and experience that drives the process. Particularly as lead generation and new business development is a stepping stone role for people across many industries.

Someone who is good at generating leads and driving the new business process – someone who can ‘sell’ – is usually snapped up within their or another industry and moves into a client facing, or as an entrepreneur, a senior role within an organisation. They then use the skills they have developed intermittently as they progress with the day-to-day functions in their new role.

Someone who fails in their efforts often becomes demoralised, and will invariably carry the weight of the investment that they have worn ‘to heart’, ultimately driving them as far away from new business and business development as possible. The outcome then, as I’ve stated, is that all this new business and lead generation experience is continually eroded.

At Sotogro we’ve made it a goal to engender a sense of ‘business development as a career choice’. At the centre of this business development ethos is our staff’s ability to generate leads, and when you get good at it, continually being able to ‘make things happen’ is one very tangible reward in itself.

Beyond this foundation, we encourage each of our staff to continue to navigate along in their chosen specialisation, through fostering an environment where they continue to build on and explore all aspects of the business development function in real time. This ethos helps them understand and value their skills and experience, and places them on a par with any of their peers within other aspects of the industry.