Prospecting Services

‘But how do you do it?’ we’re asked time and time again by our clients.

‘Ok. First we start with preparation…’ then we take them through the process.

‘No, how do you do, IT?’

‘Ah!’ we reply. ‘How do we pick up the phone and make things happen? What do we say?’

‘Yes!’, they reply. ‘Yes! That’s what I want to know!’

To us, we live and breathe new business development and prospecting is our daily bread. It makes perfect sense to us but from the outside may only make cursory sense.

Sure most senior people have been involved in some sort of prospecting activity, at some point in time and to some degree. But when you get down to the ‘nitty-gritty’, prospecting is difficult to describe because the way you do it is different for every relationship that you develop, and when you develop 10, 20 or 50 at any one time, the intricacies, when presented as a whole, can appear overwhelming to those outside.

One thing is certain, however, it’s not about selling, it’s about knowing when and how to sell. It’s about the who, what, when, why, how and where! And we invest a great deal of effort to ensure that the skills required to do this sit at the core of every person on our team.

As you will no doubt see if you read through the Sotogro site, like Business Development Strategy, the prospecting services component of our business is founded on the application of a solid and proven process.

It takes several months for someone to even start to get their head around how to prospect effectively, across multiple organisations and it takes the backup of solid intelligence and the tools to organise this intelligence, to even begin to bring prospecting together into a cohesive workable function.

An effective prospecting service is based on so much more than simply being able to pick up the phone, or target an individual to illicit an outcome and in every case the ability to act and react accordingly is paramount to success.